While I was stunned and hurt by the phone call I wasn’t that surprised with the news of yet another dear friend committing suicide. Why? Because the third way I can always tell a legalist is by what their Peace based on – what they call Victory!

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33

One day some highly decorated colonel had just delivered a stirring lecture but something hit me and, well the conversation went like this:

Me: “Colonel you stated that the worst thing a military could do before an engagement is to not determine what victory looked like is this correct?”

Colonel: “Yes, that is correct!”

Me: “Then why does America keep repeating that same mistake?”

My point is not to get into a military or political debate but rather to show that even the greatest minds can overlook the simplest truth.

For a Grace-Full Christian victory has already been won! Victory looks like the cross of Jesus, the battle is over, they are no longer under the law and perfect Rest and Peace are in every breath that they hold the Solid Rock in realization!

For the legalist Christian the victory is at the end of life with constant struggle here because they are fighting a battle that cannot be won! Victory looks like obedience to the law. Looking right to the outside world produces a comfort zone of morally accepted decency, they seek out people who will accept them, pat them on the back for their effort. The more they do the greater their peace which is momentary at best and dependent on emotionalism!

Jesus came to give total Peace – NOT in the there and then, sweet by and by BUT in the Here and Now with the realization and understanding that Victory, Total, Complete and Utter VICTORY is complete!



Your Victory!

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Array on Your Victory!

  1. Aguila says:

    *whew* what a beautiful light upon the path to..
    ~~ His` Love Life` ~~
    When I lost sight of the light for looking
    at what was acceptable in others eye’s..
    I stumbled so very hard ! trying to please
    others instead of simply turning back` to the light`
    Sounds simple but we all have a little thing
    called the flesh that is so full of` others things“.
    Yes I too contemplated “checking out” being unable to understand
    why suddenly it was if the world and my dearest loved one turned against me
    Oh how I wanted GOD to do something !
    He Did.. His Way.. He Changed me Again for the Good..
    ALL we will ever need is `The Love of God“
    His Word Speaks“ even when we are not listening….
    Oh how I Love to hear His Voice “before“` I have a chance to speak`…
    Oh what Beautiful Ways~~~ He talks and walks ` before `me`
    You write so beautifully Brother Bob , and I know God’s grace flows
    from You to Me and to All who will hear` His Word“ pouring out…
    Let us continue “being filled and overflowing“ with His Love….
    Your Message really hit home again Brother !
    Thank You and `Love !`

    • Bob Hildreth says:

      Thank you brother! I am so very blessed by you, your encouragement and so very happy to see you on here!
      Praise God for His Love, Grace and His Victory flowing through us!

      • Aguila says:

        You stood with me and through your prayers
        tried to Help ! make me see that God had never left me…
        And from those times which now seem like years
        filled with tears and fears
        Well today it makes me want to Shout Out !
        To anyone who feels like
        God is no longer listening to them ?
        ~~~ Keep Holding On !
        ~~~~~ Hold on to His Promises !
        For….. I know that I know..
        He will never leave nor forsake His children…
        My biggest breakthrough… “break out`
        or escape from the jail of ` fear and doubt`
        Started the moment I died again and
        surrendered my ALL` to The Lord
        And began to Shout Out ! Thank You Lord !
        Oh Thank You Lord ! for Your tender
        mercies and loving grace `endures forever
        I kept repeating ALL of His Promises !
        And only then did the shower of
        His Grace “fill“ every Space“ inside my being“`
        Today and over the past near 2 years
        I just keep praying that `
        “ the fire in my heart never burns out“` again !
        Hot or Cold never ! lukewarm ( smile)

        As I continue to worship the
        One True ! Living God..
        The God of Love !….
        Who came to set
        All of the captives free !
        Oh how easy it was
        to return to prison of my mind filled
        with pride and failure.. forgetting
        that the battle and battle after all was
        The Lords ! and that `
        He has The Victory !
        For He Overcame !
        And By His Blood
        and the word of our testimony
        “We Shall ! “ Overcome“

        ~You Brother ! ~~
        Are a Living example of
        How God can use
        former“ Captives` to Help
        set others Free too..
        With The Truth !
        The Living Water ………`
        All we have to do is surrender our “all“ to Him …
        And the `Glory that follows is ` The Lord’s““

        What a Beautiful light` it is to behold“.. as
        The Lord opens“ the eye’s of our hearts“
        And begins to flood` our very being“ with
        ~~~His Love ! ~~
        Thank You Dear Brother for
        Sharing God’s Love and touching other lives`
        in a most powerful ! and “ Beautiful Way“

        • Bob Hildreth says:

          Thank you my Amazing brother and Praise God from Whom All blessings flow!
          I was very moved and touched by your kind words and wisdom!
          You have been a beacon of His Light and Love to me so many times!
          I praise God on every remembrance of you!

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