Even though the young girl had an invitation in her hand and the door to the party was open, she didn’t want to go in. There were small voices bringing her unease about her appearance and value, her dress was tattered and her family was destitute.


Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,” – Romans 5:1


For Peace to Truly Rest in you or I there Must be an opening in us to an improbable idea. There Must be an understanding or acceptance to a belief that is on the border of human insanity and this is why the most blessed in the kingdom of God are those considered rabble by humanity.


What is the idea, thought, understanding that we must precede Peace that passes All understanding?


1)Jesus came and Finished Everything needed to make me as Righteous as I will ever be, despite my actions, by His sacrifice on the cross. – I am Totally justified by His blood and that happens the second I have Faith the size of a mustard seed that it is so.


2)God Loves me with The Perfect Love and He sent His Son so that I would Never again be separated from His Love, Peace, Hope, Joy and Grace. God Longs for me to Rest in His Love and as such the law ends where my Faith in Christ begins.


The deeper I dive into these two understandings the greater Peace I have, Life I live and smile on my face!


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Your Peace Plan - Opening