To be in the world and Not of the world is to judge correctly or in other words to see yourself and others as God does!


Jesus never labeled a Being by the name of an act they had committed! Being in the world and not of it is to see ourselves and others as souls dealing with our own specific pain that comes from our desperate need to Know the Power of His Love for us through a Radical Relationship based Not on performance but instead based on unmerited favor by The King of Kings!


As long as we base our relationship to self or others on performance we are not only being of the world we are also being anti-Christ, for Christ is Not about your performance or the performance of others but instead He is about The Love beyond compare that He Freely exhibited in His life and death!


“Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.”


Let us Be about the Fathers work as we are in this world and Not of it! Care to see a different kind of Love? Click the words below:


Divine Love is a mystery or it isn’t Divine – thats why its beyond human comprehension and why we shouldn’t judge each other.