A spiritual dimension to our current situation

Korea which has over the years become my second home has the highest suicide rate in the OECD. Japan our neighbor has a near equal tragic suicide rate and was only recently surpassed by Korea. The United States, my home land has a seething anger that is causing crimes and violence on record scale to occur. In Iraq, a nation I called home for far too long, a group of extremist is trying to take over and in Europe, an area I really enjoy, fear grips the hearts of people waiting for the next attack of extremist. And ALL these have one common core!


People the world over have sold out lock, stock and barrel to the god of MORE! This god is insanely overbearing and will ruin your life. To this god you will never do enough, have enough or be enough and as a result your life will never really be lived. The god of MORE will place you on the hamster wheel of performance and the treadmill of terror by convincing you that you just need a little MORE. MORE money, MORE religion, MORE power, MORE position, MORE fancy things, expensive toys and or experiences to be better, bigger and MORE complete and you HAVE to just so the guy next to you wont LOOK better than you.


Thank-Fully there is a solution, a Hope and a Peace that can ease this problem but I have to warn you, the solution comes through a narrow road. The solution is The God of Love! This God tells you, “I Love you with an Everlasting Love” and He has even as you hated Him. This God whispers in your ear, “my Grace is sufficient”, all your needs are met in my Love for you, I will never leave you or forsake you. This God takes your life through a wondrous journey and on that journey you learn the greatest lesson of the universe, “Love one another” and not just those like you but All of the creatures of the earth.


So what now? What now Korea? What about you America? ISIS how do you respond to the idea that The God Who Is Love beyond my ability to conceive wants to Love you like you could never imagine? Don’t look to America or American religion; look instead in our hearts and souls. Don’t look at theories to prove this or that, dogma to support anger or religious ideas to keep the god of MORE in place look instead in your soul and ask some tough questions like:


What if we all just focused on what we have being enough or more than enough and shared with others who are hungry for Love?


What if we all just stopped wanting MORE and started giving Love instead?


When I die do I really want to face a god of MORE who told me I could never be enough, have enough or do enough to be at Peace and be Happy?


Is it possible that the reason people aren’t happier is that they are always looking for MORE instead of Being Love for each other?


And the last question is this:


What are you going to do now that you have read this?


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MORE or God?