Why do I have Brothers and Sisters?

How far does your faith go?

Does God have a plan even in the midst of butt heads we call brothers and sisters?

Please read Proverbs 17:17

Yes I have some amazing Brothers and Sisters praying for me and encouraging me each and every day but a wonderful sister named Terri reminded me that EVERYTHING is a blessing if you look at it that way. Thank you for a beautiful lesson and reminder that God is in control of everything!

Vs. 17 A friend loves at all times, and a Brother is born for a time of adversity.”

Jesus taught us to Love our even our enemies. Is that possible?

All things are possible with God!!

But How? This turd is a real turd! Why did God create this Brother or Sister?

God is in control or He isnt- Yes it really is that simple and as such there are lessons in them there turds pilgrim! The beauty of these lessons other than the free fertilizer is the development of faith!

Yes faith as every time I see the lesson of Love I learn His Power to make the even the fertilizer absolutely divine.

Iron sharpens iron and if you want to see how here is a simple idea. Write it down!

When you are going through adversity no matter what the cause write down what you go through and how God taught you and His faithfulness. Then when the next opportunity comes along to smell the aroma of the porta- potty up close, you can look back and see His track record in your life and your faith will grow all the more.

Why are we told to “rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS!?” Perhaps because once we get that everything is through His divine hand like Terri pointed out- Our Faith and Love can grow!

Don’t Worry- Be Grace-Full!!

The only one that can limit the Power, Love, Grace and Mercy of God in your life is YOU!