What about John?

What is the “good news of the kingdom of God?”


What difference did John the Baptist make and why was he and Jesus such a threat to the established order?


The Law and the Prophets were proclaimed until John. Since that time the good news of the kingdom of God is being preached, and the people are forcing their way into it. It is easier for heaven and earth to disappear than for the least stroke of a pen to drop out of the Law. Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery and the man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.” – Luke 16:16-18


What was Jesus saying here? Why were the Laws and Prophets proclaimed only until John? Could it be that the “good news” that “people are forcing their way into” has something to do with the Law?


From what I have learned YES ABSOLUTELY to answer the last question.


The reason why the Law and the Prophets were not being preached any longer and “the good news of the kingdom of God” started being preached is simple. At the point of Jesus EVERYTHING changed with regard to how a person can relate and interact with God.


For the first time ever and ever since WE CAN BE FREE!! Free from the Law and the Prophets. Does this mean the Law changed? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!


The Law was my tutor and it brought me to Christ. The Law made all of us equally unclean- until the bath of Jesus and His precious blood.


This is why people were forcing their way into it. When a person and even that persons ancestors have been told they will never measure up and they should always feel guilt and shame and suddenly that guilt and shame is replaced by Grace and Love with Hope and Peace – well it tends to be like an oasis in the middle of the Sahara.


Here is the kicker, you nor I will ever measure up! In fact Jesus increased the Law while He was here by adding thought sin. “If a man thinks it in his heart he has done it” even in this passage He increased the definition of adultery to make more people guilty.




Could it be that unless we see the desperate need we have for Him we will never be able to accept Him?


Is it possible that the biggest problem with idols like money and human wisdom is that it gives a temporary sense of security but it leaves us under the law?


Care for a challenge? Read the study at this link:


and answer the questions. Let me know how this works for you.


Have a Grace-Full Day!!


Follow Jesus – Not the law!