Why does life suck!?

Have you ever seen something from a different perspective only to realize how much that changes your original thoughts?

Is it possible that a big part of life now has to do with the perspectives we have from the past?

Have you ever known a crusty, bitter old person and thought, “how does someone end up so angry?”

Please keep in mind that when I write these studies this is growing me and if it touches you as well in some way then we are both blessed

Please read James 1:2-7

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds because we know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

Let me bring up a common point and the key to whatever I write- God is Love! As a result of God being Love He allows things to happen to us that well to put it bluntly- suck! It doesnt mean He causes them but He does allow them. Why?

Because every day and every event we have a choice to grow wise or grow crusty.

The person that grows wise looks to heaven and ask a simple question, “God would you please show me what You want me to learn form this moment?”

The person that grows crusty and bitter waves hie middle finger in the air and curses at God saying, “God you caused this and you cause so many bad things to happen I will never follow you again!”

The good news is as long as a person is breathing they can break through the crust to a wonderful world outside of the pain they live in. The bad news is each moment that goes by is one they missed and will never get back.

Here is the key to gaining Gods wisdom- Ask, trust and be open!

Sounds simple and perhaps even silly but if you ask- “God what do You want me to learn at this moment and from this situation?” He is SO faithful to tell us- BUT you have to believe and be open. By being open I mean leave the ego at the door and be ready to accept that you just like me and every other human being still have character flaws.

Remember vs.7

Those who doubt should not think they will receive anything from the Lord; they are double minded and unstable in all they do.”

Why does life suck? Could it be that we dont listen to the lesson the first time?

Live in this moment and ask God for the wisdom to learn from the times that still haunt you- then believe He will open that lesson, be open to change that needs to happen and smile because something good is coming:-)

Here is a meditation for you today and for a life time I hope.

Find a quiet place at a time when you will not be disturbed. I find it good to lay on my back in the morning before I even let my feet hit the floor but this meditation is a great one for evenings.

Close you eyes and get a mental picture of Jesus in front of a classroom where you are the only student, let Him have the chalk and let Him write to you as you do this:

Breath in and say:

Count it All

Breath out and say:

Pure joy!”

Dont worry- Be Grace-Full