Are you angry because you didn’t get a cure?


“God I have tried but I just can’t!!” “God you suck you won’t cure this thing I struggle with!!”


Do either of these sound familiar? They do for me in fact these are quotes from my journals.


Jesus answered, “Those who have had a bath need only to wash their feet; their whole body is clean. And you are clean, though not every one of you.” – John 13:10


If you are “in Christ” you are clean, spotless in fact and you can stand before an All Holy God with robes of righteousness- BUT what an ego trip if I didn’t remember what got me there.


All things are lawful BUT I will not be mastered by any” Yes all things are lawful but I still struggle with some things and here are some reasons why:


1)    I judge someone so God shows me just how human I am.


2)   I think “hey look how good I am doing” not me but Him in me.


3)   I allow input that like shrapnel on the battle field leads to secondary wounds.


But here is the beauty of it all- As long as I constantly come back to Him for a foot wash the shrapnel is only a flesh wound. In the case of the last part of the verse above, “though not every one of you” Judas allowed his feet stink to become a spirit wound.


In other words if your feet stink- get them washed and realize that He has the only foot bath that can take away the guilt and shame and pain. In other words mistakes help us grow if they get us to our knees and cause us to look up! The mistakes help spread the Love from Above if they help us to be more forgiving of others and stay more humble.


Remember once in the blood it’s only the feet that stink as Jesus said “And you are clean!” Don’t carry the guilt and think you have to bathe completely all the whole body and carry the guilt around- AND if you Love like He first Loved You don’t allow a Brother or Sister to do that either- Yes that person you are thinking about NEEDS your forgiveness!!


Believe me I write this to me as much as I do to you so let’s All wash each other’s feet with the same Grace and Love that Christ showed.


Please pass the bucket Bro and can you get me a towel Sis!


His blood washes you white as snow!