Why Christmas? – Part 7 – shaking the box!

What is justice to God?

Here is my servant, whom I uphold, my chosen one in whom I delight; I will put my Spirit on him, and he will bring justice to the nations. He will not shout or cry out, or raise his voice in the streets.” – Isaiah 42:1-2

For many Jesus is nothing more than a religion because they fail to think outside of the coffin they exist in!

When this passage talks of “justice to the nations” it is saying that the “servant” would create once and for All a bridge to God for All – God is Justice!

But this is a type of justice not like human justice!

This justice is the type of justice that says, “I AM God and I Radically Love you so much that I will Give you my enemy The Present you could never deserve or earn but though it I will Be your Abba and you will sit on my lap and I will delight in you once more like I did Adam and Eve before the fall!”

When the reality of The Present sets in, when the Truth of His AMAZING LOVE for us starts to take hold of even the smallest sliver of our imagination – Look out world – Another Lover like no other is born!

The reason God delights in Jesus so much is because He came not to shout or cry out but simply to show us The Way to the Father and that Way Is LOVE!

To shake the box of The Present is to realize that what was about to be delivered would shake the very foundation of the nations! It would create through The Gift of Christ – Once and for All The Path to Re-Connect my sick human soul and yours to God Almighty!

Is it justice what Jesus was born for and how and why He died?

God’s ways are Not our ways and I Thank God for that every time I breathe!