Christmas coming low!

The arrogance of man will be brought low and human pride humbled; the LORD alone will be exalted in that day, and the idols will totally disappear.” – Isaiah 2:17-18

The biggest idol that I see time and again is pride and the law is the number one way that pride is built – especially in churches!

The law is good and does a Great job creating condemnation, guilt and shame in my life – but Jesus came to take all that away! As we will see starting in the next episode of this series – He does a GREAT job at that – IF you let Him!

Accomplishment is an idol! Accomplishment is the idol that causes most people to miss Christ altogether! Accomplishment is what you get each time you follow a law and you are successful at obeying it – this is what many Christians think is the Spirit of God working in their life when in reality it is a feeling of accomplishment which produces pride which is “Why Christmas – Part 4” is important to understand!

When Jesus talked about the “kingdom of God is near” or “the kingdom of God is in you” – He was saying that for All who believed His Peace was and is freely available NOT based on what you “do” but based on what you BELIEVE!

I believe and I know that there is nothing good in me and All my accomplishments are meaningless! Jesus knocked on the door of my heart, I opened it by accepting Him in Faith and I Trust that He Alone has made me complete by His finished work!

Finding The True Christ is finding The Only Peace that truly exist! Finding The True Christ is finding The Only True Rest that exist! Finding The True Christ is finding The Only True Love that exist!

The reason that His Peace passes All understanding is that His Forgiveness is complete, His Love is eternal and the law that brought you to Him is no longer over you – “Love your neighbor as yourself and thus fulfill All the law and the prophets!

Chose to be brought low Here and Now to realize that He alone is everything or find out just how worthless your accomplishments are when you see Him face to face!