Why was Jesus silenced? 
How is He still silenced?
When Jesus said, “Follow Me!” He was making a dangerous invitation to the ultimate law keepers for a journey into a radicalized and unsure life!
He was calling people to a life based on Faith in something that they couldn’t see which was Righteousness based solely on His Free Gift – Totally apart from the law! 
This was and still is a Very frightening proposition for people Especially those who depend on the law so greatly. In the time of Christ that was the religious – today its the religious – some things never change!
If you read the words of Jesus – He is Not calling people to better legal observance – He is calling them to a Relationship based solely on Love! First Gods Love for us and from grasping that and understanding that in its depth and Eternal, Uncompromising, Non-condemning and Unconditional LOVE!
Is the law good? Is the law still in effect and still a tool used by God? Absolutely – “For those under the law, the law is good” – in fact Great – for had it not been for the law – I would never have known my need for Jesus! The law gave us “the knowledge of sin” – Romans 3:20. The law gave us “increased transgressions” – Romans 5:20. “The power of sin Is the law” – 1 Corinthians 15:56. BUT – the law Never, not once, not even for Jesus Christ – ever made a single person in any way, shape or form – holy, righteous or right with God!
Would you like to follow The Jesus who taught that Love was righteousness Not law? Would you like to see why Jesus had to be silenced and still is today by most churches and religious people?
My path into The God Who Is Love started with just a few simple questions and scripture found here:
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