Who is God to you? 

And an even more burning question, do you really want to spend eternity with the one you call God?

For Paul, “to live is Christ, but to die is gain” meant that he was content and very happy with growing into the way of the worlds Greatest Lover of All times And yet at the same time Paul looked at death as a friend! This type of life is the Single Greatest High you will ever have for a Very good reason – because living in the awareness of this creates an ease and Peace that doesn’t go away! 

Think about this – The God Who you will spend eternity with Is Unconditional Love and once you believe in Him you no longer have the law telling you that you are wrong! Instead you have Grace through Faith healing you into Love! This growth into Love is the Journey that each disciple took, from Peter with his zeal and desire to build a kingdom here and now to Thomas who had a major hurdle with Faith over doubt. Jesus was Not trying to make them better law keepers or rule followers! Jesus was working on them all to grow by Grace through Faith into a Love they had never even dreamed of and showing them how to pass that Love on!

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