What is Jesus capable of if you get out of His way?

Moreover, demons came out of many people, shouting, “You are the Son of God!” But he rebuked them and would not allow them to speak, because they knew he was the Messiah.” – Luke 4:41

It is said that the longest distance in the universe is 8 inches – the approximate distance between the head and the heart! This statement was never more true that when applied to Jesus and people who claim His name!

Even demons know Who He is. In fact demons know more about His power and ability than most Christians – why do I say that?

Because on a daily basis I hear from a Christian how “yes I know we are no longer under the law BUT” or “yes I know all about grace HOWEVER” or my personal favorite, “well my minister says!”

Most Christians deny the true power of Jesus, the cross and His Love on a daily basis and that is why most people see Christianity as a religion and God as some cosmic police officer just waiting to pounce or like just another mini-god that everyone else follows!

Let’s take a look at exactly what Jesus means:

1)    Your sins are forgiven! Past, present and future parted as far as the east from the west He will remember your sins no more!

2)   You are no longer under the law! There is no law that binds you – totally replaced with Love! Once and for all Nothing can separate you from His Love!

3)   You are now under Grace! Grace means you are not forced, coerced or compelled in any way! You are Free!

4)   You have been reconciled to God Almighty! You have been irrevocable reconnected, made a part of again the All Knowing, All Mighty, All Present Power and Creator of the Universe.

5)   You have a One on one relationship with THE GOD! This relationship can never be broken, changed or altered by anything!

6)   You have been made Righteous to God Almighty! God cannot even look upon sin but then you are no longer under the law so He sees you as The Righteousness of Christ!

7)   You have been Redeemed by His blood! You are cleansed and made whole! You can never again be made dirty!

8)   You have been Justified by His Finished work! Nothing you have done or ever will do can ever unjustify you!

The only one that limits the power of God’s Gift in your life stares at you in the mirror every time you see yourself!