One day a man came to God and said, “God did you see all the rules I followed today?” God replied, “No I was too busy making up for all the opportunities to Love others that you missed!”

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, because anyone who serves Christ in this way is pleasing to God and receives human approval.” – Romans 14:17-18

One way to tell the difference between a legalist and the Grace-Full is by what target they consider to be giving to them by God! To the legalist the Christian life is a comfortable set of rules that on a good day produces egocentric growth and on a bad day produces shameful despair. To the Grace-Full the Christian life is about Love. Grace-Fullness means that righteousness is already Freely given by God NOT rules and is a Gift. Peace and Joy prospers from this Free Gift creating a deepening sense of Gratitude to God which develops true Praise!

In Grace-Fullness therefore what is the role of the Holy Spirit?

One of His main roles is to lead me into learning Love like Jesus Loved. What this looks like depends on what the person needs to learn to Love unconditionally, without judgments or favoritism.

When I first started growing in Grace, I was Very pro my Freedom and Very anti anyone who would try to throw the rule book at me. As the journey continued, the Holy Spirit has taught me, softened me and healed me of a love for freedom over a Love for others but I am not totally there yet as recent events have shown me.

Do I follow the rules now? Absolutely Not, I follow Jesus!

Do I follow the rules if I am around a legalist brother or sister? ABSOLUTELY!

If you read the passage prior to today’s scripture Romans 14:1-16 you will see that Love IS the key to Grace and if I need to put my Grace in a box for a legalist brother or sister while I am with them I do my best to do that.

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