When does the True Gift of Christ start for you?

The LORD is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation.

He is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God, and I will exalt him.” – Exodus 15:2

Honest Praise for God only comes from those who have seen their enemy destroyed and anyone who is under the law has not only Not had their enemy destroyed but they are sleeping with the enemy!

To the legalist their very idea of and concept of God gives sin power in their life and denies true Praise and Worship to a convenient slot on the time chart of religiosity!

To the Grace-Full, to those happy few that have started to see the value of the Gift beyond compare – Praise and Worship is a natural reaction Not to something off in the future when dead but to a life unseen and completely unattainable to anyone with a morality check list in hand!

The passage above is called The Song of Moses and Mariam and was placed in the Bible just after the passage about the children of Israel crossing the Red Sea on dry land and the Egyptian army being killed in it. This passage is a celebration of what God did to Free the children of Israel. The freedom is an amazing story of the mercy, providence and Love of God! It is also a story of continual need to be reminded of just how Good God really is!

When a person begins to see just how Amazing Grace is and just a little of The Gift of Jesus Christ – this is when the person sees just how strong the Lord is, just how True His defenses of you are and that He Alone IS your Only salvation – this is Grace!

With the realization above the person really can Praise with and honest heart but in addition they really can Love others just as He Loved them and just as they Love themselves because the condemnation, shame and guilt are no longer there – this is Grace!

The Gift of Grace, His strength, His defense and His salvation are Not pie in the sky! They start the second you get that it has All been done and your enemy is drowned, dead in the Red Sea!


Who Is He to you?