There are two different Covenants by which God relates to His creations which are All of us. Which covenant you are under and which God you serve has Everything to do with what your life will look like.


Under the first covenant – law and  rule based connectivity with God people had a strong and very clear and laid out set of rules by which righteousness could be seen, evaluated and a person could be determined to be good or bad. This system quickly became too much for people to bear and God knew that so He set in motion before the foundation of the world the second covenant.


Under the second covenant – Grace and a Love based relationship, connectivity to God is based  solely on what His precious Son Christ did on the cross. Under Grace “the power of sin” which is the law was used by God Only as a tool to get you to see how much He Really does Love you because All our righteousness was, is and always will be paid for by the cross of Christ – Not the laws given by Moses but the Love given by God! “You are no longer under the law, you are under Grace!”


The first covenant job is to get you to a second covenant Relationship so that you can live and enjoy a Love based relationship with God and Not have an oppressive law based religious existence!


Care to see the scriptural evidence on this? Please go to the link below and examine 7 questions: