I looked for love in religious law but found fear instead!

I looked for peace in religious law but found anxieties instead!

I looked for mercy in religious law but found judgement instead!

But then I looked for love in Christ and found Love upon Love beyond what I could ever imagine Freely given as The Gift beyond Compare!

Then I looked for Peace in Christ and found Peace that Passes All Understanding, Peace that grows as I deepen my understanding that His Love is beyond any love I could ever achieve based on merit or effort!

Then I found Mercy that is in Christ not one that I in any way earned, Mercy that expands as I continue to grow in the expanding acceptance that His Mercy was extended to me and All men while we still hated Him!

I looked for joy in the law but had No Joy until I resigned from emotionalism based on my efforts and accepted The Joy of The Lord based on my ongoing journey into The Presence of His Love and grasping it’s Boundless, Eternal and Unconditional nature that Is In The Very Atoms and Fibers of Gods Being!

Take the Journey of Life! Real Life! Abundant Life! And make your life not about doing but about seeing His Relentless Pursuit of Love He longs for you to embrace!

My journey started with the questions at the link below … I pray it helps your journey as well:

Let The Journey Begin!

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