God – Because size Really matters!



I often get the question, “what’s different about The God you speak of and that taught by religious people and churches?” My short answer is, “He Is SO Much Bigger!”



His Gift (Jesus) Is beyond compare!
His Peace Is beyond our understanding!
His Forgiveness Is beyond our darkest wrong!
His Comfort Is beyond our deepest pain!
His Mercy Is beyond our strongest rejection!
His Power Is beyond all human imagination!
His Grace Is Sufficient for All our needs!
His Love Is Unconditional And Eternal for each of us!



I heard about this God when I was under religiosity and pseudo-grace but I Never imagined or saw it Lived out until His Grace was opened to me! Religious works and legal observance will Never provide what BIG GOD offers Freely through what Christ accomplished on the cross!


Growing in Gods Goodness
Growing in Unconditional