Got Spiritual confidence?


Why do the most legalistic people struggle with Jesus?


He will be a holy place; for both Israel and Judah he will be a stone that causes people to stumble and a rock that makes them fall. And for the people of Jerusalem he will be a trap and a snare. Many of them will stumble; they will fall and be broken, they will be snared and captured.” – Isaiah 8:14-15


How is it that people stumble over Christ- especially those that keep His law the most closely?


Jesus himself broke Sabbath on several occasions as well as other “rules” and He was not at all what a bunch of legalistic people counting on their own works to save them would have been able to grasp as the Son of God!


This is how people stumble and fall and get “snared and captured”- they simply think that He cares about the laws and rules they follow. The inability of these people to follow the law they push on others causes guilt, depression and pain.


On the other hand He can create true and lasting spiritual confidence in your life.




Simple- by Faith you stumble into more and more Grace! The more you see that what His real work is in you is to create in you more of His perfect Love for others- the more you grow in His confidence and NOT your own!


Do I therefore go out and do “unprofitable actions” on purpose just to grow? LOL- no more than I would hit my finger with a hammer to test my ability to stay calm!


It isn’t His law and your ability to keep it that needs to grow in you- it’s His Love and your ability to share it with a hurt and mistrusting world!


Here is a simple meditation for you to practice that will with time encourage God’s Grace to grow in you and produce a Love that will water an earth full of His Amazing flowers that we all are! Find a time and a place where you probably won’t be disturbed and start by taking a couple of deep cleansing breaths and just relaxing your body to include your jaw and shoulders as that is where many of us carry yesterday. Once you are a bit more relaxed and you are breathing normally just:


Breathe in and say:

God let me fall


Breathe out and say:

Into Your Grace


Practice this for a week or so and see if His Grace becomes more apparent- if you listen close you might hear Him saying when His Grace is the most obvious.


Don’t worry-!!


Be a Lover Not a Lawer!!