What special characteristic did Christ bring to earth?


What spells the end of man?


Please read Matthew 9:36-37


Vs. 36 “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”


For me the key word of this passage and of the life of Christ is “compassion.”


Compassion” is without a doubt the one thing that He brought to the table. For the first time in history and since here was God in human form showing “compassion.”


Was the problem that Jesus had in this passage unique to that place and time?


It seems like to me right now the one thing we need most is the “compassion” to Love others and that’s the main reason I write. In fact the lack the lack of “compassion” I believe is the end of man. No Jesus=no compassion, love or peace!


Compassion” is not accomplished by the Law and keeping a rule book to check off what everyone is doing right or wrong. It doesn’t happen by trying to exclude anyone for any reason.


Compassion” ONLY comes through Grace from God as Grace says: “Love God and Love others” and that’s it!


The Jesus I write about is not the same one that you have had yelled at you. He is not the same one that is full of punishment and hate.




If you need proof of how much He Loves you look at the cross and know that you are more than accepted and acceptable to Him.


Find a time and a place where you probably won’t be disturbed and begin by gently closing your eyes and relaxing as best you are able, especially the muscles in your face. As you breath in and out several times begin to get a picture of Jesus walking in and around a crowd of people who are weak and hurting (basically all of us) as He does see Him stop and talk to the ones the world says are unworthy (basically all of us). As you get this picture:


Breathe in and say:



Breathe out and say:

Shine Compassion through me


Keep going over this until you know the purpose for each breathe you take- “Love one another as Christ Loved!”


Don’t Worry- Be Grace-Full!!