Don’t just walk away from condemnation – RUN – from it as fast as you can and don’t look back like Lots wife did! 

Condemnation whether it be from self or others IS the opposite of Christ living in you! Christ came to take away All condemnation because by believing in Him you are made righteous – JUST BY BELIEVING! This is why He came, what He existed for and why He alone is Worthy of ALL Praise!

One of my favorite t-shirts that I ever saw was one that some EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) guys had in Iraq. On the front it said, “I am an EOD Bomb Technician” and on the back it said, “if you see me running TRY to keep up!” Condemnation IS a ticking bomb just waiting to go off! It’s a bomb of depression, a bomb of anxiety, a bomb of guilt and a bomb that I have seen all too often result in suicide!

Solution: TRUST the cross, Have FAITH in what has been FINISHED by CHRIST ALONE, know that Any voice telling you different is the voice from that Hell mentioned above and REST in the Sweet HERE and NOW by the BLOOD OF JESUS!

Let The Journey Begin!
Lessons from the cross: