Is it possible that we dont have our need met because its not the right time?

Could it be that there is a lesson in the waiting time?

Please read 1 Samuel 17:37-40

Perhaps instead of looking around which is caused by legalism we might want to look up which is provided by Grace.

David while still considered a boy knew all too well where his strength and power came from. After telling all the men that he would go and do what needed to be done and he would kill the Philistine that everyone was afraid of David says this:

Vs. 37 The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.”

David knew to look up and not around at the others but he also knew to remember the miracles of the past. These two elements are crucial to having a miracle here and now. The giants you face build faith not the ants under your feet so let that faith grow and learn to Love the here and now.

Vs. 38 Then Saul dressed David in his own tunic. He put a coat of armor on him and a bronze helmet on his head. David fastened on his sword over his tunic and tried walking around, because he was not used to them. ‘I can not go in these’, he said to Saul because I am not used to them. So he took them off.”

Is it possible that the preparation that God has for you and the lesson He has for you is not the same as one someone else might need?

Gods ways all too often dont make sense by human standards and that can cause discomfort but there are lessons in that discomfort. David already knew the most important lesson here- Dont lean on human understanding- but on Gods faithfulness!

Vs. 40 The he took his staff in his hand, chose five smooth stones from the stream, put them in the pouch of his shepherd’s bag and, with his sling in his hand, he approached the Philistine.”

What you need will be there when you need it but not before you need it! That was the next lesson David knew all too well. So many times I try to think about the future and everything I need and something I want to accomplish and that is the exact time God allows me to have a car wreck or an argument with someone- Why?

Gods timing is perfect and He has a totally different watch than mine! This is where faith is built one agonizing second at a time. One painful millisecond after another until we learn to wait on the Lord or breath and relax and learn the lesson He has for us Here and Now.

God has the stones ready and waiting for you. He knows your giant He created it. He is just waiting on you to figure out that He is all you need. GOD IS LOVE and He wants what is best for you. At some point that will mean leaving this earth and that is ok He is in control of that as well.


Dont worry- Be Grace-Full!

Love in each and every moment!

Love in each and every moment!