What promise did God make BEFORE the law?


What I mean is this: The law introduced 430 years later, does not set aside the covenant previously established by God and thus do away with the promise.” Galatians 3:17


What was it that God wanted from man? What promise did He make long before the law  was ever given?


The death of Jesus paid the ultimate and eternal price for man’s sins – the purpose of the law was to bring us back to a relationship with God NOT through our doing but through His DID


Once you understand this – the kingdom of God becomes so much more than your comfort zone of what you think He wants you to do!


Look at this passage – the law did NOT set aside the promise made in the Garden of Eden! The law did NOT make anyone – to include Christ righteous!


God IS Love and He so wants to show you how much that He sent His Only Son to get the law out of the way for ALL who Believe!


The law and your effort will Always stand between you and God and for a very good reason – you suck at it! Nothing personal – I do to – we All do – there is NO ONE righteous Not even one!


What was it that God originally promised man? A relationship! A One on one relationship  that we could walk in each and every day with the Creator of ALL that is, ever was or ever will be! The law didnt break that promise as a promise made by God – WILL be kept!


Those who rely on the law or anything else Other than Christ Alone – WILL BE CUT OFF!


The new covenant has arrived in the form of Christ and His Gift of Love that is beyond anything imaginable!