Where is your heart?

What is your focus on with your relationships?

What is the purpose of our existence?

Please read Matthew 6:19-23

Do some people love to get something in return while others Love just to Love- because Love is in their nature?

Is it possible that the work God is doing in us is an effort to make Love part of our nature instead of a checklist we do for reward here and now?

Vs. 21- “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

If your heart is based on Love and concern for others your treasure will be based on that person finding the peace that passes understanding. This is not to say that I will try to convert them- that is not and never will be my job. But it is to say that instead of a relationship based on human doing and effort I will base my relationship on Love.

Do I know if or when the person will come around?

NO, I have no idea and it’s not my job to know it’s only my opportunity to Love.

In Loving others there is growth and in Loving other there is God.

So many times I used to hear Love others so you will get something in the future. God is not about Loving someone for what He will get in return Love is His nature and He wants to make it part of ours. For me this has been the “work out your salvation” part.

What is the alternative?

Love based on what you get out of it. Works based on storing up something here and now. It could be money but it could be position or power. I have known people who worked very hard at doing very good things at a church or other place only to lose their family.

Where is your treasure?

If your treasure is in the Love you share and if your treasure is in the Love that God flows through you, your world and the whole world will be a much more beautiful and wonderful place.

Don’t worry- Be Grace-Full!!