It isn’t Gods understanding of us that needs to change and grow – it’s our understanding of His Perfect Love, what Christ Accomplished and did indeed Finish on the cross!


Why was the curtain that separated people from God Who was in “the Holy of Holies” area ripped down the middle and beyond repair?


Why did Jesus say, “it is Finished?”


Why is “reconciled” always past tense to a believer?


Why is “justified” always past tense to a believer?


How does this relate to “Christ is the end of the law for All who believe” and “Love others and in so doing fulfill All the law and the prophets”?


If you Really want His Freedom and your church is like 99.99999% of churches where Freedom is just another word for act like us or else – please take a look at the link below:


Make a serious study of the questions there and take the time to really dig into the meat of Gods True Grace without the hype or salesman trying to get you to join anything – just let Love lead you Home!



Knowing God?