Are you wasting time?

Is it possible that goofy stuff is taking your time and that makes you unable to Love?

Do the things that are near light take your time and leave you too exhausted to Love?

There were many times when Jesus withdrew from the people and I believe He did so to get His strength back and to refocus Himself.

Does that make Him weak or wise?

There were many times when Jesus just said something to the “teachers of the law” and the other religious people around Him and then moved on and never really seemed to care what they thought. Why is that?

One lesson I am learning now is how and when to withdraw from a foolish discussion or from a stupid idea. Does that make me closed minded or foolish?

I am always open to hearing things that promote Love and ideas that will make a more loving environment in a person’s heart or here on earth. But this is one of the key reasons why we are no longer under the law- It waste time that needs to be spent on “Loving One Another.” This is why Jesus never told anyone to go and make converts.

Please read Titus 3:9

But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law because they are unprofitable and useless.”

Did God create the earth in 7 days? Did the children of Israel really cross the Red Sea or the Reed Sea? Did Jesus wear underwear? Where did God come from?

To all these I say I don’t know but even more I say I don’t care. If all these questions could be answered and 10000 more it wouldn’t matter a bit to the person who is hurting.

Love is all that matters and again I say God is Love everything else is wasted time, space and energy.

Don’t worry- Be Gracefull!

Spread the Love and Spread the Lord yall!

Spread the Love and Spread the Lord yall!