Why were the worlds most ardent law followers told to “Repent” and what does that mean for you and me who do Not follow the law anywhere close to the degree they did?


What are fruits of repentance?


The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” – Mark 1:15


To repent is simply a matter of knowing that I need Jesus (because the law made us all equally guilty) accepting Him (as the sacrifice of my sins) and Loving like He Loved. This is both a process and an event.


Event- I accepted Christ- “all things become new”, “sins parted as far as the east is from the west”, ALL my sins are forgiven and I am a new creation.


Does that mean I am perfect? Yes and no.


Have I sinned? Yes


Am I as clean as new fallen snow in His sight? YES!! Praise Jesus and only Him as there was no way I could have ever done it and nothing that I have to do, except to accept Him which is in the moment of repentance. A turning from the idea that I can do it and I can handle it- here is a news flash- you can’t nor can I only He can.


The journey started the day I met Him although I didn’t know it for a while because I was too busy “doing” perfect to Be perfected.


If perfection could have come from what you do – Why Jesus? If perfection could have come from the laws I follow or the religious institution I visit – Jesus was essentially a suicide.


Jesus was and is the One perfect sacrifice sent to earth to call lost sinners to have a relationship with Him- Can a sinner have a relationship with God?


Am I still learning- Yes absolutely otherwise God wouldn’t let me waste so much time here but I am not learning to obey the law that brought condemnation and guilt.


I am on a constant journey learning with every step to Love as He Loved! Not a journey to love myself because I check some boxes and sit in a pew and put money in a plate.


Non-repentance comes in several types but remember John the Baptist, Jesus and others were preaching repentance to the most legalistic people of the day – Why?


If the law and your “doings” made any difference why bother with the group closest to the finish line?


Why is it that Jesus spent His time with the prostitutes and tax collectors and even said they were much closer to the kingdom of God then all the religious leaders?


Why is it that none of the disciples were religious leaders? Could it have anything to do with the idea that they are the farthest from His will?


Why was this crazy carpenter such a tremendous threat to the people who preached, lived and enforced the law to the greatest degree?


Don’t Worry- Be Grace-Full!!


Jesus death - suicide?