Are your bragging rights eternal?

What law do you follow?

What separates Jesus from other things or beings you could follow?

Where, then, is boasting? It is excluded. Because of what law? The law that requires works? No, because of the law that requires faith.” – Romans 3:27

I have absolutely nothing that I can boast in! I have absolutely nothing that makes me above anyone else. This is the law that is eternal- not that I did anything but that He did everything!!

The law that requires faith is this- He came and died because there was no other way for me to be reconciled with God- NO OTHER WAY!

Here is a test for someone telling you that they have the answer. Ask these questions:

Who do you think is closest to God? What does it take to grow spiritually?

There is a law that Christ brought and that law is simple- Believe!

Faith is built on premise that this is where He has you. Faith grows as we accept in faith that only He has justified us. Faith is an exercise in insanity according to those who see you because you accept being in the lion’s den, you build the ark in the middle of a desert, you come to peace with this moment and the footsteps He has for you.

Did the law change?

Nope, not a bit but I did when He came in and justified me. I did when He purified me. I did when He cleansed this leper and by God Almighty I did when He reconciled me to Him!!!

Two laws talked about here and two types of relationships. One is based on works and effort and you, you and more you. One is based on belief, faith and justification that you nor I could ever have a hope in Hell of attaining.

Which one draws you closer to Him?

Which one makes Christ unique among any other god you could follow?

Which one makes you more humble, grateful and focused on Love?

Care to know more about a system in the Bible that sets you Free?