Have you ever seen a bulb flicker and look like it is about to go out? This is how many see Christians who can live in the Here and Now! To understand God’s Love and to grasp His Peace that passes All Understanding we have to Be Here Now!

Watt out?

Are you a dim bulb?

What causes brightness?

No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light.” – Luke 11:33

God’s Grace turns the light of Love on like nothing you have ever seen before!


When we start a journey of Grace we realize the depth of our lost-ness without Him and we finally get the idea that without the cross of Christ we would have no hope. We also begin to see the depth, width and expanse of His Love for us- no completely but the start of it.

For the first time when Grace enters the picture and we hear that He Loves us even though our absolute best is filthy rags to Him – we begin to understand how great His Love has to be in that we can’t do anything to please Him.

We can’t earn His Love! We can’t negotiate His Love! We can’t pray enough, give enough or go to church enough for His Love! God doesn’t Love us because of any reason we can make happen!

He Loves you because He is God! He created you as the exact being that you are and He knew the exact problems that you would have and the exact second everything will happen to you that has happened and will happen!

The realization of the depth of His knowledge of you and His Great Love for you will with time and meditation cause a light to shine through you like no one could have ever imagined!

The light doesn’t come from your effort, obeying the law or how loud you can sing – It comes from the realization and grasp of a Love that if you listen to it and accept it will not only transform your life but all those around you as well!

Let your light shine by starting the journey into no more condemnation:



The god you have has everything to do with the light you shine!

The god you have has everything to do with the light you shine!