Jesus the weakling!


Why do we think we need to defend our religion when Jesus wouldnt defend Himself?


Then the high priest stood up and said to Jesus, “Are you not going to answer? What is this testimony that these men are bringing against you?” But Jesus remained silent.” – Matthew 26:62


Jesus didn’t defend himself, so was he weak or wise?


Have you ever gotten into an argument with someone and they changed to think like you even though you were screaming?


I have found in my life that a big part of growth is learning what is important and what to just not care that much about. I think Jesus knew this and that is why the only times we see Him angry is when He was dealing with people who were legalist or trying to use God for their profit at the expense of people.


To Jesus, the real Jesus the only thing that mattered was you! He Loves you more than you could ever imagine and that Love is not going away!


Jesus Loves you when you’re angry, He Loves you when you are hateful, He Loves you when you are lonely, He just freaking Loves you!


Jesus Loves gay people and straight people! Jesus Loves democrats and republicans! Jesus Loves Atheist and Christians- He just freaking Loves you!


I know many people have been hurt by weak, stupid and fake jesus-es but let me assure you- THAT’S NOT JESUS! I know a person who was told by her rapist that jesus told him to do it- THAT IS SOOOOO NOT JESUS!


Don’t think that just because someone says that Jesus told them something its true!


So how do you know if it’s true?


Let’s look at the real Jesus shall we:


1)    He was nonjudgmental!


2)   He Loved everyone especially the ones no one else Loved!


3)   He came to take away All condemnation!


4)   He didn’t feel a need to defend Himself against false accusations!


5)   He came down from His heavenly home and endured a rough life and the cruelest death known to man- For You!


Care to know more about the strong Jesus who only wants to hold you in His Loving arms?


Then let your journey begin here:


And if you really want to know what matters to the Real Jesus- look in the mirror to find out!


Don’t worry-!!


Where does it say that Jesus had to prove himself? Why do we spend so much time trying to force our view on others when He never did?