He shall be called ……. Prince of Peace!” – Isaiah 9

The only way to find Peace in Him IS to Rest in Him Alone! While this sounds easy and it is in many ways, it can be a very complicated road. Social acceptance and acceptance by groups, churches or family can all create un-peace and a personal spiritual war within that will inevitably lead to bitterness, brokenness and pain – believe me I know, I was there! The way this happens is by clinging or pegging our righteousness to something other than the Finished work of Christ! You see Christ said, “I am The Way, The Truth and The Life! No one comes to the Father but by me!” He said this to Jews, the ultimate law keepers, with the ultimate internal struggle!

The law is Not bad but when it is used wrongly it has disastrous effects on a Real Relationship that God desperately wants to have with you! You cannot have Peace in Him if you are resting in peace based on your performance!

Care to know more about how to make this New Year The Year when you find Peace? You can start by answering 7 simple questions found at the link below: