Do you know Gods favorite fish? Grace-Full Christmas Present 3 tells us of the first Salmon to ever be served to and in service to God! Why is this important to Christmas and why was this placed under your spiritual tree?

If you don’t want to be left smelling like several thousand year old fish – you might want to check this out!

Thus there were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the exile to the Messiah.” – Matthew 1:17

One of the worst parts of being a “preacher’s kid” besides always missing The Wonderful World of Disney was always those passages of scripture that no one looked forward to, knew why they were in the Bible or even cared about – Matthew 1:1-17 is a Prime example – LOL! Or is it?

I am not here to give you any deep meaning on the number 14 or tell you how this somehow reveals when the world will end or why and how Obama is President – None of that makes any difference anyway except it teaches Faith and Love!

What I am here to tell you and was reminded last night in a beautiful conversation with a wonderful brother, Michael Whittingham, thank you for a great conversation – Love, Gods Love, is in many ways a mystery as to how, when and why it works the way it does – Being ok with that Is a Very Real Growth Point of Faith!

In this particular passage – look at just how many generations passed preparing the way for “the Messiah” – and then after all that He was a complete let down to all who expected something different – again Love, Gods Love is a mystery – especially when you are expecting something else and know exactly how God “should be” and what God wants from you and how you “should be”, “should act” and “should do” things in your life!

Is there any certainty in the Grace-Full life? YES! And that Is the most exciting part of scriptures that share God’s favorite fish like Matthew 1:5 – when you get the joke let me know! YES, there are certainties in the Grace-Full Life! God Is Love, God Is In Control, Christ Is The End of The Law for All who Believe, God Radically Loves me and God Radically Loves You! In that Is All you need!

Yes in the above bold text Is All you need for complete Peace, Life, Joy, Hope, Ease and a Grace-Full Life Abundant beyond your wildest dreams! Just think there were 42 generations that people waited for The Greatest Promise ever made which was the human manifestation of the bold text above – so Rest in the knowledge that Gods timing is perfect, the place you are right now is exactly where He wants you and His Love Is Eternal and beyond your ability to conceive!

Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus and there Is a reason for every mystery in your life – they are not there to be figured out but there to rest in by Grace Through Faith!


Grace-Full Christmas Present 3