The typical Christian life is an effort to follow the “comfort laws” and the best thing that can happen is a hard fall into despair or depression until they get that Christ Alone through Grace IS All that is needed and ALL that is sufficient!

I have yet to meet a Christian that doesn’t agree with me that we are no longer under the law – yet I have met precious few who actually understand that with their heart and live it with their life! 

Being Grace-Full is a growth process with an infant in Christ being stuck on the tit of the law for milk – I get that but there is a Huge population of Christians who just as Paul said have Not moved beyond the elemental teachings which is the law! Then they struggle and for a very good reason they are desperately trying to do what cant be done by a god of their own making! 

The God made a way for you To Be FREE! The God made a way for you to be out from under the law! The God LOVES you with an eternal, unconditional LOVE! The God LOVES you as you are and Not as you should be! LIVE in the Light of this knowledge and Really LIVE! Don’t live in it and miss Abundant Life – it really IS that simple!