There was a reason why Jesus didn’t want to go to the cross, and He sweat drops of blood because of it! There is a reason why multiple stories in the Old Testament and countless martyrs some of whom are known only to God have existed down through the ages – And here is the reason – 

The Path of Trusting God calls for nothing short of human insanity!

1) Trusting that God knows best – Jesus Loved the one beating Him, even while being beaten because He Trusted that each moment was allowed by God for good – Not necessarily the personal good of Jesus but the Greater Good of others being Reconciled to God!

2) Trusting that God works all things for good – Paul endured multiple beatings, imprisonments and hardships because he Trusted that each moment was allowed by God and would work for good – Not necessarily his good but others would find God type of Good!

3) Trusting Christ Alone and leaving the law and works the disciples endured being disowned by family and friends, banished by their society and all but one endured a painful and excruciating death most in a foreign land because they knew that Love like that from Jesus could only come from one place – God!

Trusting God 


Human insanity!

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