The value and enormity of The Gift beyond Compare that occurred on The Cross of Christ must Never be undervalued and yet most don’t see it for its  than it was and certainly less powerful than it is today!

When Jesus died on the cross it was the first time ever or since that man was Reconnected with God and God showed us Who He Is – “God Is Love!” Had there been others before or since claiming to be god – yes by the multitude But No one had ever said that all the work was finished in His One Perfect Sacrifice! No one claiming to be God had ever before or since claimed that Love was the key to the kingdom and thus made sacrifices and legal observations no longer necessary!

The law is Good and Holy and Just – but I am Not. That is Not saying follow the law and you will be. That is an Open Invitation to have Jesus Christ, The Only Son of God Almighty live inside you – And He will if you just ask Him to! The evil one, satan will use the law in the life of a believer just like he will use any memory, thought or event to bring shame, condemnation and guilt into your life because here is the thing – if a person that you meet is thinking of Believing in Jesus and sees you with guilt, condemnation and shame – unless that person is an idiot they will Run the other direction! Let that same person see you with the knowledge and gratitude of Unconditional Love just as you are and not as you should be – let that same individual and the world see you in a crisis with Faith in The Almighty God from a Trust born from battle scars of days past And watch them begin to open to The Way of Christ – The Way of Eternal Love beyond human comprehension!