Please meditate on Matthew 16:6

Be careful,” Jesus said to them. “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”


The Law is dangerous in fact extremely dangerous for spirituality. Keep in mind that I consider spirituality a walk with Christ.


Why is it so dangerous?
Well the short answer is it makes you an arrogant pompous person that is really difficult to be around.


The long answer is it puts you at a distance from the ones that need you and need God the most.


The reason Christ detested the “teachers of the law” was that they were doing things that they could boast about. This boasting set up a
situation where one person could according to the ideas of the
teachers of the law get closer to God or more holy. As I stated in
earlier studies this idea is contrary to that which Christ came to
set up, “the new covenant.”


Under the new covenant every man was even guiltier than before. Christ added things like the idea of “if you
think it you have sinned.”


Wow have you ever been to a beach in South America?
So now we are even guiltier and have no way to “work” our way to
God so we are totally screwed right?

No because in one word, “Jesus”
all that sin was washed away and we were made free!!


It is interesting here that Christ uses the word, “yeast” or “leaven”
which is what makes bread rise. Basically to me this means the stuff
they are using might make you feel big and puffed up but that’s where
that form of holiness ends!


Please remember to be holy as He is holy does not mean you should go
die on a cross He already did that so get down off that cross. Be
Holy by Loving Others and therefore Love Him at the same time. If we
lived this way wouldn’t the world be a better place then trying to compete for holiness.


Dont Worry Be GRACE FULL


God has so much to Give you And its ALL FREE!