God is Not About doing more, He is about Resting more – this is the basic formula for growing in Gods Goodness!






The simple reason for this is “Rest” in Him = “Faith” in Him!



“My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes in undisturbed places of rest.” – Isaiah 32:18



As we grow in the understanding of His Goodness:



1) We understand the Finality of His cross – All debts paid, we are wHOLeY before Almighty God Solely because of Christ Loving Sacrifice!

2) We understand the Expanse of His Love – His Love for us is Totally beyond human comprehension!

3) We understand the Newness of His Resurrection – we were reborn by This Miracle, All things became new, to include the law – “Love” fulfills All the law and the prophets!

4) We understand the Peace He left us – “Peace that passes All understanding” is Only possible in the Finished work Christ Did out of Divine Love to completely connect us back to God that man lost with Adam! RECONCILED (always past tense in the Bible when talking about a believer)!



From these understandings Gratitude can and will grow like a weed and in that, True worship and Fruits of the Spirit develop naturally – not by our effort but by our understanding and Resting in Him!