If I am no longer under the law and Jesus was not under the law – what does temptation look like when placed under the microscope of Grace and how does that cause many Christians to crawl in defeat instead of Walk in the light of His Victory? This and several other questions will be examined in a new series of devotionals called, “The temptations of Christ” at BeGraceFull.com – hope you check them out starting with this one as part 1!

Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, where for forty days he was tempted by the devil. He ate nothing during those days, and at the end of them he was hungry.” – Luke 4:1-2

The easiest place to be defeated is right after the victory celebration! This was at one time the story of my life and I think for many it still might be – Jesus knew this and as a result He did two things here that show how deeply He cares for you!

First – after a great victory of heaven opening up and God Almighty saying how pleased He was by His Son Jesus – Jesus left the victory celebration to certain abuse in the wilderness! My greatest temptations and challenges come when I am the farthest away from those who know me and support me. My guess is that is true for many of you and as a result Christ knew He needed to feel that so He could sympathize and be our Defender before the Thrown of God! Jesus Radically Loves You!

Secondly – Jesus let himself get weak, Very weak! Why? Because He suffered everything we suffer and He wanted to go through our weakest moments just like we do – because He Is in us, with us and a part of us, Loving us beyond that which we can imagine Even as we push the plunger on the syringe full of drugs, scream and beat someone out of our pain or struggle desperately Not to grab another bottle of Jack or Mad Dog 20/20 – He knows our weakness and He goes through that pain with us even as we do! Jesus Radically Loves you!

At one time in history there were only 2 Bibles that were believed to be in existence on the face of the earth – ever wonder why and how they survived to give us what we have today?

IF we believe God Is Love and IF we believe that the Bible is God’s Love letter to us and IF we see it and read it that way – THEN the 2 copies survived because God IS ALL Powerful and He Radically Loves you beyond anything you could ever imagine with a human mind to conceive!

Could my Atheist friends be right? Could God not be as Awesome and Amazing as I write about and believe to be true? Sure, I guess so – keep in mind my Whole belief system is built on Faith in what I can’t see. But let me say this, The Peace I have received and the breaths I take this moment and this day go back to 7 simple questions – and God Is Love!


Radical Love