The only time I struggle in life is when I stop seeing God for Who He Is and How He Loves!

As a general rule there are very few absolutes but this one that has time and again rang true with me!

Why? And How? When I get my eyes off of His All Powerful Ability to change Any thing in my life – I begin to worry about the future or remember things That He has Long forgotten. The reason this happens is that God is desperately and relentlessly trying to show us His Love for each and every one of us!

Many try temporary fixes in religious centers or practices, booze, drugs of a million different types or other pain alleviators without grasping that The Pain Eliminator is just a realization away!

Reaching the realization – take a few private moments – even if it is in a bathroom stall – yes I have done it a Lot of times. Close your eyes, think of A Love That is beyond All you face today and The One Who has Power beyond Any imaginable And the Fact of His Great Love for you And:

Breathe in and say to yourself:

“God Your Love”
Breathe out and say:

“Is Perfect”

Breathe in and say to yourself:

“God You are”
Breathe out and say:

“All Powerful”

Relax in Who He is and What He can Do – Be Here Now as it’s perfectly created just for you!


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