As long as a person is comfortable with the god they meet a few times a week and as long as they don’t commit any of those bad things that bad people do – they will be comfortable in the knowledge that the god they serve loves them and the rest of the people like them! This is the philosophy of Hell and IF that person is blessed they will fall apart completely because that way they can fall at the foot of the cross!

Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit, and news about him spread through the whole countryside. He was teaching in their synagogues, and everyone praised him.” Luke 4:14-15

After His temptation Jesus “in the power of the Spirit” taught to people that were pretty much shunned by the “good Jewish people” of Jerusalem who were obviously closer to God than those in Galilee – why was that?

Galilee was the place during the time of Christ where people were looking for something, they were hungry for a True Messiah – although not necessarily the kind of Messiah Jesus was. But in short they were ready for change – NOT so in Jerusalem!

The reason why The God of Love remains an absolute mystery to most church goers is simple – the shoe box they try to stuff Him in is comfortable!

Its easy to spot this kind of shoebox saint because god to them only loves those like them, who follow the law like them who pay their tithe like them and well maybe a select few Africans if they suffer enough. Let me be clear – This mentality IS AN ABOMINATION to GOD ALMIGHTY!

The reason Jesus went to the place where people were looking for a Savior is that is what is needed to follow Him! This is the purpose of the law! This is the reason for depression, anxiety, pain, suffering and human misery of all kinds!

Here is why – once in Christ we see that God Is Love and He Is In Control of ALL things – He is out of the shoe box and into every element of each breath we take – NOT each legal breath we take as we are no longer under the law!

Would you like to have The Messiah? Would you like to follow this crazy vagabond out of work Jewish carpenter who Loved the unlovable, set the prisoner Free, healed the sick and wants desperately to come in and dine with you?

Then just believe in His name!

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Let God Be God!