There are two primary ways that we relate to each other. We either have a role which is governed by rules and boundaries or we have a Relationship which is guided by learning, understanding, caring and compassion.

In a role, even with the best of intentions, we are kept inside a box of thinking and acting in a certain way. With a role we are focused on staying in the lines and if we stray out of those lines we face repercussions.

With a Relationship we have the freedom and are encouraged to learn about ourselves and others, to gain understanding and through that to heal. With a Relationship there is a genuine concern and caring for the other with compassion for and acceptance of each other.

To have a role is in large part to be a puppet. To be in a Relationship is to be in a healing process of acceptance and understanding of self and others.

To have a role is to have check boxes and requirements to keep that role. To be in a Relationship is a state of being that allows for growth and choices to be made with compassion for the other.

My point to all this is that while I was told “Christianity is a relationship not a religion” – the reality was it was taught as, lived as and reinforced as a religion. If we are truly healed “by His scars” then we are in a Relationship from the point of the cross, if not then we have a role with all the boxes to check to keep our status.

The challenge is in our minds we have a god image and that image Needs to be examined to see how it’s affecting our daily lives. Below are some links that you might want to check out if you want to look into your god image:

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