The Place of Rest

There is a Place. A Place of Rest. A Place of Peace. A Place of Acceptance. A Place of Hope. A Place of Joy. A Place of Equality. A Place of Healing. A Place of Freedom.

This Place is within each of us but a journey must be made to get there. This journey is in and of itself the healing. This journey is about integrity of the soul and an openness to Rest in Being still and knowing:

  1. Knowing The Divine Is God, The Great I Am, The Beginning and The End, In All, Created All and Controls All.

  2. Knowing The Divine is Perfect Love, Perfect Love that’s beyond human comprehension, Perfect Love that is the source of All.

  3. Knowing that Perfect Love gently guides the soul, opens the soul, accepts the soul and teaches acceptance in the soul and to the soul.

  4. Knowing that in The Acceptance Freely offered by Perfect Love that is in complete control and The Creator of All there is healing and Rest to just Be and Know, Here and Now.

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