Did Jesus lie?

Is there darkness in God?

Is there a difference between what you see in religion and Jesus?

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” – John 8:12

Is Jesus a revolving door?

If Jesus comes in and out of you what makes Him different from others gods?

Either God is God or He isn’t- which is it?

If He is God and if in God there is no darkness then we need to reexamine the idea of His Love and just how important many things are in our spiritual journey don’t you think?

I am inclined to think the when Jesus says “never” well it pretty much means “never.”

Anything short of that would be to call Jesus a liar or to say God has darkness in Him- so what do you choose?

Grace is what we are saved by and Grace is a Free gift from God and in that gift is the Reconciliation to God that is Free to all who believe. Grace says this: once you receive His Free gift the days of shame and guilt are done and all that matters is Love! Love for God and Love for others!

Some of you reading this have been turned off by the church- I know I was too- But that’s not Jesus. Some of you reading this were abused by a church- I have seen that and experienced that as well- But that’s not Jesus. Some of you are fed up with religion when little children are being hurt and people in religions are causing shame and guilt- I know I saw it and I left the church for a while- But that is not Jesus!

“God is Love” and “God Loves You”- If you are searching for that God, the Only God who will take your pain, guilt and shame and give you Grace, Hope and Peace instead. If you seek the God who Loves you with a Love that knows no end and no bounds. Then I challenge you to simply do this: Look up to the sky and just say:

God who Loves me reveal yourself to me please in a way that I will see you and know you Love me.”

It’s perfectly ok to be angry at God but have the courage to see if He is real.


Love for God!