CAC – Culturally Accepted Cult!

Have you ever seen one?

What is God about?

The wise will be put to shame; they will be dismayed and trapped. Since they have rejected the word of the LORD, what kind of wisdom do they have?” – Jeremiah 8:9

There are so many culturally accepted cults that are very prominent that I can’t cover them all in anything short of a book but here are some main ones that I have heard.

1)    The cult of appearance – this comes in two forms one says obey the law so others will see your example and follow Christ – scripture says they shall know us by our Love for one another! The other form is in having things that will make you appear a certain way so people will like you – scripture says worship The Lord your God and Him only.

2)   The cult of personality – this insidious cult gets people to follow a teacher other than Christ. Usually a minister of a mega church or some other very charismatic speaker and/or leader – scripture says there is only One God and guess what no one on this planet I can see is Him.

3)   The cult of emotion or experience – this little rascal feels right but leaves you constantly looking for the next emotion or experiential buzz – scripture says He alone is worthy of all praise.

4)   The cult of your own ego – this one is based on having to have the answers – question: Is knowing God about the answers or the relationship for you? If you want a relationship – focus on listening not on knowing. If God is Devine and we are human do you think He might be rather different than you and me?

Solution set for Culturally Accepted Cults:

1)    Focus on the word NOT the one speaking it! A person who gets paid to deliver a speech – hmmm do you think he has a reason to say something?

2)   Stop caring about looks and focus on the Love! Jesus was the best friend of every low life that every walked the earth – I know I am one of them!

3)   Change what you see as spiritual from looks or works to Love and Peace! This one strikes at the very heart of legalism – I know homeless who are more attuned to God than many filling church pews – if was the other way around there would be fewer homeless and fuller pews.

4)   Know and understand that God doesn’t need your help and you will never be able to understand or explain Him – it isn’t called Faith because the word looks cool on a coffee mug so always be willing to accept that you don’t have a lock on who God is or how He operates any more than I do!

Hope this gives you something to ponder about and cause for growth!