THE Love Feast – Living in the awareness of Loves Healing Work!

This is really Loves Healing Work – 9 But I wanted to share a daily practice devotional With the caveat that I am FAR from perfect and Blessed to be that way. Why is that a Blessing?

In short if I could attain even a certain level of “success” spiritually, my Need for God would diminish AND let that Never be the case! This is what makes religion so very dangerous and in particular religious Christianity.

Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.” – Matthew 10:38-39

With that in mind let me borrow some wisdom from my Buddhist friends, “the path is a path of practice” one of them told me when I started to learn meditation and I have found that to be true.

My practice:

1)Daily the first thing I do is “be still” and know that He IS God. This is for me a time of silent eyes closed breathing meditation focusing on Who and What He Is. For me at times I don’t say or think anything but on other days I will have some mantra based on His inspiration or just an opposing force I am feeling in my life.
Some examples are:

Breathe in and say:
“His Love is”

Breathe out and say:
“Always with me”


Breathe in and say:
“His embrace is”

Breathe out and say:
“Always around me”

I have found that scripture works great for this practice as well but the main thing is Be Free and see what works for you.



2)Daily I am observant of what is coming in and the affect it has on me. Violent movies tend to make me a bit more agitated and therefore I don’t watch many. The news tends to lead me away from accepting Who is in control of All things so I don’t watch much. The old idea of “garbage in, garbage out” really applies in the spiritual realm.



3)Daily I get on my knees and formally pray along with informal “prayer walks” – the reason I do this formally is to remind myself where All my strength comes from. The reason I do prayer walks is to Thank God for each blade of grass, limb of a tree and ray of sunshine He allows me to enjoy.



4)Daily I allow and facilitate being aware of scripture. I do that mostly through these devotionals and I always pray for you that they might bless you as they do me.



Thank you so much for reading this and I pray it helps your journey.


The party