A young boy once walked along the Sea of Galilee with Jesus and as they walked the boy looked up at Jesus and said, “I am very angry that my father died!” Jesus knelt down and gently wrapped His arms around the young pain-filled boy and said, “I know, I Love you and Please let me take away your hurt.” “But how can you take away my hurt?” the boy replied angrily. “The only way to healing is Faith my child” Jesus responded. “What is Faith?” the boy said through his tears. Then Jesus picked up the young boy, held Him to His chest as an angel wiped the boy’s tears away and as Jesus began to carry the boy along the shore He said:

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for.” – Hebrews 11:1-2

Faith IS Rest! Rest in what is! Rest in the past is forgiving! Rest in the future is secure and Rest in the Faith-Full fact that your performance will NEVER separate you from God because you are Resting in what Christ DID, FINISHED and COMPLETED on the cross!

Faith grows in Pain-Full moments and choices – NOT in blind obedience to the laws that a denomination or church has cherry picked to follow!

Faith is what made Every Holy person Holy because they had Faith in Jesus Christ and Rested in His Finished work and not their continual sacrifices!

Do you want or need healing?

Then have Faith that this moment is perfect! This moment, this blessed moment was allowed by The God of All Creation and tailor made by Him just for you!


Great question! So you would learn to Rest in Him, Love like Him and in so doing others will be drawn to The Peace you exude!

The pain Jesus went through on the cross showed us that as He was being brutalized, humiliated and inhumanly treated – Jesus was also growing in His Rest in the Fathers plan, Loving like the Father does and as a result even those who killed Him said, “truly this man was The Son of God!”