The kingdom of God is within you and that is where The Love Must start.

For The Love to start to move the mountains of pain, shame, regret and other life destroying hurdles we need to be open to some spiritual ideas:

  1. All things and events that brought me to this place I am at and the person I am were allowed by The “Perfect Love” that created all things and holds all things together.
  2. Forgiveness of self and others was a basic lesson that is at the heart of “Perfect Love” and must be observed to continue the journey of Grace.
  3. Just because Christ is the end of the law for all who believe, I will still have legalistic and shame creating whispers. Seek forgiveness of others when needed, be Thankful the law ends where Faith begins and recognize the liar who seeks to destroy your Abundant Life.

If you would like to examine a document that started my journey of Grace and perhaps might assist yours or someone you know, click the link below:

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