Have you met the NEB saints?


There was a group of people at the cross that are rarely if ever discussed by almost always seen and all too often heard.


Who are they?


To explain its best to discuss their origins. You see they were at the Roman prison where they saw Jesus beaten, they heard the crowds yelling “crucify” and looked on in horror as He was led up to Golgotha struggling to handle all the weight of the cross with the loss of blood. The NEB saints in fact we’re so close that they got sprayed by His precious blood and their clothes were stained by it.


The NEBs were very close with the pounding of every blow of the hammer and even had the blood of Jesus spray up in their face and as they wiped it off they cried and had emotional outburst beyond any they had ever known.


The NEBs continued their vigil and even heard Jesus tell one thief, “this day you will be with me in paradise” and they heard the anguish in the cry of Christ as He pleaded with His Father asking, “Why have You forsaken me!”


The NEBs were drenched from head to toe in the blood of The Lamb when they heard Him joyful scream out, “it is Finished” and then they felt the earth shake and a ripping sound coming from the Temple that ripples through eternity even now as the Holy of Holies was opened to ALL for ALL times and everything that had separated God and man was destroyed as “Christ is the end of the law for ALL who believe” and…..


Then the NEBs formed a committee to decide how to be MORE righteous…..


To be continued on BeGraceFull.com


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