Everything that IS, IS no accident.

In our day to day struggle its easy to forget that and miss that but I found a tremendous amount of evidence for the idea that there are no accidents or accidental moments in life or history.

I find it interesting that Christianity, Buddhism and most other major world religions have this as an underlying premise. But I want to examine the name of The God I follow. Yes I am a Christian … and I meditate like a Buddhist and get angry like a Moslem when I see injustice – but that is beside the point. The point is that the name “YAHWEH” has endured for a very long time and has recently started to play a very significant role in my life.


“I know that the Lord is great,
    that our Lord is greater than all gods.
 The Lord does whatever pleases him,
    in the heavens and on the earth,
    in the seas and all their depths.”

Psalm 135:5-6


Please consider the above verse and where you see the word “Lord” put in “Yahweh” – in the original manuscript or certain other versions today that is what would have been there. The reason this is important is over the next several devotionals I would like to share what this name has come to mean to me – in particular through some rather perilous times of recent history.

I hope you will join me for this testimony devotional that I call: “THE Name” – first stop “Y!”