Are you naked yet?


What does it mean to be naked before God Almighty?

It means to understand that Nothing you do, say or have done or said or nothing that you could ever do or say amounts to a hill of beans!


In Gods book its ALL heart! Its All about your heart alignment with Him and sadly most never get this – especially the ones most entrenched in their “place of worship!” Why? For the very reason that it is called a “place of worship!” Worship doesn’t happen in a place, it happens in a heart that has grasped True Grace!


This is why it is the least of these that get it! You have to see your absolute nakedness to see His Absolute Provisions with robes of royalty which show the least of these as a member of the Kings very Own Family! Those robes aren’t cheap – but they are completely FREE for the one who is naked!


Naked means knowing there is Nothing righteous about you but most only understand that at a head level – most still stand in tattered vestiges of filthy boxer shorts with gaping holes and flea invested ribbons that smell sewage water! This happens because of the morality check list they keep or have been taught and teach others to follow as a way to “please” a god that only exist in their limited mind or denomination – Not on the Thrown of Grace and Mercy!


Care to get naked?


Answer 6 questions to see if you are still wearing clothes – then answer them and one more again based solely on the scripture you read – Please take a look at this link:


Let The Journey Begin!


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